Prep Wellbeing

Prep students hang their bags outside their room as they prepare for a day of learning at MVAC.

School is about more than just literacy and numeracy. The emotional and social aspects of gathering together to learn play a vital role in a child’s development. Compassion and care run deep through the Christian faith, and as an Anglican school we aim to support students in their personal and spiritual development.

At Manning Valley Anglican College, we are blessed with a caring and compassionate staff who work closely together to support the happiness and wellbeing of all students. Children have access to counselling services through the College to work with students and families on a more personal level. Mr Greg Anderson provides pastoral care to our students and their families, working closely with the teaching staff to nurture the wellbeing of our students.

Our Learning Support Team monitors student achievement and will implement intervention programs when necessary. Our support staff work with small groups of students and also provide support in the classroom.

Communicating with your child’s teacher is essential when issues arise academically, socially or personally. Providing teachers with this information allows them to cater for your child’s needs or seek further support to improve their wellbeing.

The MVAC Fair Rules

  • I can follow teacher instructions
  • I can listen carefully
  • I can put up my hand and wait
  • I can complete my work quietly
  • I can control my actions and words

In Prep we follow the MVAC Fair Rules to promote positive behaviour in both the classroom and playground. Staff educate students on these rules and we have high expectations that all students follow them.

For more information about our other wellbeing programs please view our Student wellbeing programs page.