Two students within the College library holding books looking directly at the camera

Manning Valley Anglican College Library

The library is situated in the heart of the College and is accessible to both Junior and Senior school. The MVAC library supports our learners by promoting literature, reading, research, creativity and critical thinking skills within a resource rich environment.

The library is staffed with an experienced professional passionate about promoting a love of learning and reading. The library seeks to promote digital literacy through the online library catalogue. Our staff are dedicated to student learning and promoting a love of literature through a range of services.

Junior school students take part in weekly library lessons with the College Librarian. Regular borrowing from the library catalogue is encouraged to support and extend upon the academic and pastoral learning within each classroom.

Senior School have access to a wide range of resources and a plethora of reading choices within the school catalogue. As we move forward to advance our digital resources students can borrow from an extensive ebook catalogue.

The library is open both recess and lunch as a quiet retreat for students who wish to use the facility.

Clickview is a digital resource for both students and teachers to access.