Learning Excellence

Student during a math lesson problem solving using the new light filled study area within the Senior building.

We encourage individuality, promote student engagement, and accept each student as an individual capable of achieving greatness

At Manning Valley Anglican College, we believe in a holistic education where teaching and learning is an important part of our role as a school. We believe that all students should strive to achieve their best academic, spiritual and creative potential. We are a community of lifelong learners whose shared values drive our commitment to continual improvement and individual achievement.

It is important to have a good start in life, and we are committed to providing each student with a strong foundation on which to build a love of learning.

Our teachers aim to nurture each child to their fullest potential. We aim to inspire each child to follow their curious nature and show persistence to pursue their aspirations.

We understand that literacy and numeracy are the foundation of academic success, and these are a focus within our teaching. However, we believe that ability paired with the right attitude is a better recipe for success. Therefore, we encourage our students to develop a positive relationship with learning in their formative years. This is encouraged through placing a strong emphasis on the social, athletic and emotional aspects of education.

MVAC offers a rich and diverse extracurricular program for our junior School students providing a range of activities for them to explore and discover.