The MVAC Way

Three students reading within the library

Powering the Future

Our teaching and learning programs empower our teachers to assist each child and meet individual needs.

MVAC believes in a holistic approach to education that seeks to develop students as individuals. The MVAC approach to learning creates independent learners who actively problem solve and self-direct their learning experience.

The emotional, social and physical wellbeing of all students is at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning. We understand that this begins in the classroom with clear instructional teaching strategies guided by caring professionals. Teachers nurture students to ‘learn how to learn’, empowering them with a toolkit of understanding on what it takes to be collaborative, resilient, resourceful and engaged.

We serve the next generation of students of the Mid Coast and beyond to develop a life-long love of learning. We believe that the literacy and attitude developed in youth will ultimately enable students to pursue any path they choose.

To foster Learning Excellence in a Christian Environment.

Education is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Learning takes many forms both in and out of the classroom. In seeking to achieve learning excellence, we teach students to accept responsibility for their learning, work cooperatively, set goals and take initiative. Following the Anglican tradition and the Christian ethos, we encourage students to explore their faith in the context of the modern world, and demonstrate Christian values such as honesty, compassion and respect.

Students who graduate from Manning Valley Anglican College have been nurtured to become authentic and capable young Australians, who can be confident in their abilities and their identities as they continue their learning journey.

Let Your Light Shine