Student Wellbeing

Senior and Junior Students walking into the College to begin a day of learning.

We support our students to Flourish

Student wellbeing is at the core of our vision as educational leaders. For students to truly flourish as learners we understand the importance of providing a supporting environment that promotes individual mental, social, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

MVAC values the importance of every student’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

For us to provide a safe and inclusive educational environment we will continue to support our students for them to thrive.

We believe in empowering our students and families to be the best they can be, and support everyone within to flourish because of what we do, inspired by the way of Jesus.

Daily Pastoral Care sessions provide our teachers a time to connect with small groups of students. These sessions promote self-reflection and encourage students to engage with their learning in a positive way.

Students are encouraged to connect with their teachers and the College Chaplain if they need to.