About Senior School

Three Senior Students during a study session within the new Senior building.

Senior School is an exciting place that opens new doors to possibilities and encouragement to strive for greatness.

The College rests on an extensive site on the northern edge of Cundletown nestled within the Mid Coast region of NSW.

The existing College layout forms part of an ambitious master plan for future expansion. Our facilities are fitted with modern technologies and provide comfortable learning environments. Resources are ever changing to complement the curriculum and expand the learning experience.

MVAC Senior School has grown to facilitate four streams in each year group from Year 7 – 10.

Classes in each year group hold approximately 24 – 28 students in each class. Additional teaching aides and specialist teachers assist with classes on a regular basis.

The Senior School can be divided into two groups:

  • 7 – 10
  • Seniors 11 & 12

MVAC offers a rich and diverse extracurricular program for our Senior School students providing a range of activities for them to explore and discover.

These include numerous activities within the areas of agriculture, performing arts, clubs and outdoor camps.

Our students are encouraged to participate in sporting activities throughout the year including our annual Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals. Every student is assigned to either O’Reilly, Hawkins or Parker and is encouraged to participate for the privilege of claiming the House Cup.

Senior School Year 7 – 10

As a K – 12 school our Senior School builds on the strong foundation developed in younger years. Each child follows a continuum of education in an enriching and stimulating environment. For those that join us in Year 7 to begin the Senior School years we welcome the growth and mindsets that bring a positive diversity within the College gates.

Students have the distinct advantage of individual attention, with ready access excellent equipment, resources, and technology. eMpower is our chosen Learning Management System which allows our Secondary teachers to work with students to develop independent and self-directed learners. Our aim is to develop them holistically and identify their strengths and talents so that they are able to truly let their light shine. ‘eMpower’ appropriately named by the students, symbolises the new digital approach to the learning power at MVAC. Manning Valley Anglican College is a

value-based school, where every student is encouraged to build individual strengths and flourish beyond the school gates and into the community.

As students move towards their Senior studies, we offer a broad range of subjects, which allows students to choose the direction that best suits them. We assist each student to become an intellectually, emotionally and spiritually grounded young person within the College community and beyond.

Senior School Year 11 & 12

Distinctly marked by the MVAC blazer our Year 11 & 12 students step up into an exemplar role for the entire student community.

We acknowledge that students have different aspirations, and we understand that education comes in many different shapes and sizes. That’s why we aim to prepare our students for the next stage of their learning journey’s, whatever that may be.

Undertaking the Higher School Certificate represents a large commitment for both the students and the College. We understand that students attend school in their Senior years out of a desire to continue to learn.

We dedicate an area within our newest building to the Senior Students which provides an opportunity for light filled contemporary learning spaces. We expect a greater level of academic focus and a higher level of individual autonomy and responsibility. We expect students to display intellectual curiosity and initiative, to set personal goals and to take charge of fulfilling their own unique aspirations. We help inspire our students to be more empowered for the future.

Though we do not wish to overburden students in this significant period of their schooling, we have an expectation that Senior Students will rise to the task of leading the College community.

Pastoral Care

Spiritual and personal development plays an important role within the College at every level. We are an Anglican school, and the Christian ethos underpins our teaching and pastoral care.

Pastoral Care sessions allow our teachers a chance to connect with students in small groups and discuss topics such as goal setting and personal evaluation. Students are also encouraged to approach their teachers or the College Chaplain at any time if they feel they are in need of personal or spiritual support.


The involvement of the local Anglican clergy, including our own dedicated College Chaplain, allows us to run regular Chapel services as part of our Senior School assembly.

Students take part in a whole-school Eucharist and Holy Communion once per semester, providing a more formal experience in worship.

Lastly, as part of Newcastle Anglican we participate in a Schools Celebration Day each year held at Christ Church Cathedral in Newcastle. This provides a valuable opportunity for MVAC students to interact with peers from across the Newcastle Anglican Diocese.

For more information please view our Student wellbeing programs